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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Senior Center / Miss Lake Festival Pageant

And summer marches on! In less than a month now I will be moved back into my lovely apartment in Fair Commons at Anderson University, recuperating from my first day of dance intensive. This fall, Anderson University School of Music is putting on a musical revue of Irving Berlin's most beloved works entitled "I Love a Piano", and I couldn't be more excited about it! I will hopefully be able to wipe the layer of dust off of my tap shoes for this musical. Oh, how my feet ache to dance again! Or should I say, ache to ache again. :) It should be a phenomenal show, however, and it is running the first two weekends in October. Come support me in my last musical at AU!

This past Saturday I stopped in and visited some wonderful residents of The Laurels, a senior center in Defiance.  It was such a joy to sing for the residents and to speak about my recent experience at Miss Ohio. They were so receptive, and a few eager women even sang along. I loved it! They are so warm and talkative and always brighten my day a bit while I try to brighten theirs as well.

This visit was a very special one for me because I was able to see a special mentor of mine who happens to be residing in The Laurels for the time being. Jim Estep, a long-time supporter and scholarship sponsor of the Miss Ohio program, also happens to be my former voice instructor. He sort of helped me to discover my voice! I transferred from a tiny Christian school to Defiance High School, and I was referred to Mr. Estep by a fellow student. He then proceeded to ask me, "Where have you been?!" I took that as a compliment, but only let it push me to become the very best vocalist I could be. He is funny, compassionate, and brutally honest, and has such an ear for music. I would not be where I am today without his guidance, so it was such a gift to spend a few hours with him when my formal visit ended.

Last night, July 19, I had the opportunity to go see the Miss Lake Festival pageant in Celina! I had never gone to that pageant before, and I just so happened to be free last night, so I packed up my parents and my friend Nicole, and we headed down to Celina. It was a great night. A hot night... but a great night. :) All I can say is Thank God for the person who invented air-conditioning. God bless you.
Ellen Bryan did a stunning job as the emcee for the evening. She has such a sparkle when she is onstage! It was also great to see my Miss Ohio buddy, Devon Stansbury! She has grown so much from the start of her pageant journey, and she has developed into quite the beautiful dancer! Wow, such elegant routines she performed last night. I was also jazzed to see Erica Gelhaus, former Miss Ohio AND my Miss Ohio roomie in 2009! Such a beautiful lady inside and out! She is always such a joy to see.

The contestants last night did an amazing job. They were all very polished and kept their cool in that very toasty venue. I was impressed. :) Congratulations to all of the girls. Some of the award winners that I remember are: Onstage question winner - Kirsten Fennig; Interview/Talent - Jena Sweigart; 3rd RU - Kelsea Ellen; 2nd RU - Kirsten Fennig; 1st RU - Emily Werling; Miss Lake Festival - Jena Sweigart

Great job everyone, I am so grateful for the opportunity to watch you compete!

(Sorry for the picture, Jena! Haha, but congratulations!!)

Until next time! <3

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